Giro d’Italia 2016 – Stage 3

Mr WtW read yesterday’s post and asked me to describe why Marcel Kittel’s hair is so magnificent. Mere words do not do Kittel’s hair justice, so I conducted a Google Image search and did a short show and tell session. His response?

Marcel Kittel looks like a hunky Justin Bieber.


I’m not sorry for the insertion of this Bieber gif. 

As predicted by me and just about everyone else, Marcel Kittel won Stage 3 and took the Maglia Rosa in the process. Elia Viviani survived a contretemps with a Trek rider in the finishing straight to finish second, but really the rest were nowhere.

The end of Stage 3 marked the conclusion of the Giro’s trip to the Netherlands. The Dutch have taken the Grand Depart to their hearts in much the same fashion as Belfast did in 2014. The crowds looked huge (although how do you quantify ) the number of people in a crowd at any given moment?) and there were pink sheep and pink pubs along the route alongside the usual washing lines of pink t-shirts. I didn’t notice any pink tractors though, so it’s 1-0 to T’Tour T’Yorkshire on that score.

Tomorrow is a rest day and the race moves to Italy (Italy! Food! Mountains!) so I’ll spend the time finding more Justin Bieber gifs to misuse. I will also borrow Marcel Kittel’s and Tom Dumoulin’s cheekbones to grate some Parmesan. I could do with a new cheese grater.



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