Giro d’Italia 2016 – Stage 7

Marcel Kittel did not win on International Top Gun Day. Instead, Andre Greipel won his second stage in three days and Lotto Jumbo’s third consecutive stage this week. Last night The Cycling Podcast mentioned yesterday that last year they had written Greipel off as a fading force. In my Friday afternoon haze, after Greipel crossed the line, I casually tweeted CP to remind them, only I said ‘Spent force’, not ‘Fading force’. It’s semantics really as both phrases mean essentially the same thing, but anyway…

I’m really quite relaxed about getting things wrong. Even really really small things.

Anyway. Lovely Tom Dumoulin is still leading the GC and he wants to keep hold of the pink jersey as much as I want to crack 4:30 for a marathon i.e. he’d actually kill to be wearing it this time next week, despite what he says about just being there for the time trials.


Tom Dumoulin is breezy like Monica about the whole GC thing. 

Tomorrow’s stage is politely described as ‘a bit hilly’. A bit…uppy downy with an uppy at the end.

I can’t finish this post, on today of all days, without a Top Gun gif so here’s Slider playing volleyball topless for no apparent reason at all.





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