TdF 2016 -Stage 5

Two things:

1. Team Sky are definitely making an effort to come across as more ‘human’ during this Tour. The little videos on the bus (Wout!), Nico Portal (fresh off the set of Peaky Blinders) doing little previews and reviews of each stage, and Luke Rowe and Geraint Thomas wishing the Welsh football team luck for their semi-final game in the Euros. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Chris Froome doing a karaoke version of The Final Countdown any time soon, but it’s an improvement on the whole Men in Black automaton schtick.

2. The use of the word ‘final’ as an abbreviation of the word ‘finale’, or as shorthand for ‘final moments/kilometre(s)/end/closing stages’. Is that a cycling thing or is it just a lazy habit that commentators and journalists have got into? It sounds wrong to me, like using the word ‘medal’ as a verb e.g. “It’s the first time Great Britain have medalled at that event”. Goodness knows. I’m still struggling with the word ‘Bonifications’ which is used as a substitute for ‘time bonuses’ though.

Here’s Nico Portal/Tommy Shelby preparing to deliver a hot take on Sky’s chances on tomorrow’s stage:



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